Proceeding of The 2nd International Workshop on Performance Evaluation and Modeling in Wireless Networks (PEMWN 2013)


  1. Impact of Topology on Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks by Awatef Ben Fradj Guiloufi, Nejah Nasri & Abdennaceur Kachouri. Click here to download
  2. A Future Destination Positions Prediction Approach Based on Shortest Paths by Olfa DALLEL & Faïza NAJJAR. Click here to download
  3. Adaptive Slot Allocation Mechanism for Cluster-based TDMA MAC Protocol by Hadded Mohamed, Rachid Zagrouba, Anis Laouiti & Leila Azzouz Saidane. Click here to download
  4. Reactive VS proactive clustering in ad hoc networks by Mohamed Houcine HDHILI. Click here to download
  5. A wireless sensor network based solution for dependent persons assistance by Rim JOUINI, Karima MAALAOUI & Leila AZOUZ SAIDANE. Click here to download
  6. Precision Agriculture using Sensor Based Wireless Networks by Nour Brinis & Leila Azouz Saidane.Click here to download
  7. Connectivity and Coverage in a Wireless Sensor Network using a Mobile Robot by Sahla MASMOUDI & Leila AZZOUZ SAIDANE.  Click here to download
  8. A Market Based Distributed Proactive Maintenance Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks by Skander Azzaz & Leila Azouz Saidane. Click here to download