Proceedings of the Pan African Conference on Science, Computing and Telecommunications (PACT) 2013


Proceedings of the 2013 Pan African Conference on Science, Computing and Telecommunications was co-Hosted by La Trobe University Australia and Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology, Tanzania.

ISBN: 978-0-9872129-3-1

Some of these papers were selected and published in the 1) Journal of Machine to Machine Communications and the 2) African Journal of Information and Communication Technology.

  1. The Evidence of Phonological Dyslexia and Technology Intervention: Preliminary Study in Special Schools in South Africa by Daniel Mpia Ndombo, Sunday Ojo & Isaac O. Osunmakinde. Click here to download
  2. Optimization of an Acrylic Pipe’s Length for Generation of Traveling Ultrasonic Waves by Evan M. Wanjiru , John M. Kihiu, George N. Nyakoe & Stephen M. Mutuli. Click here to download
  3. Development of a BACnet-ZigBee Gateway for Demand Response in Buildings by Seung Ho Hong. Click here to download
  4. Evaluating mobile centric information access and interaction compatibility for learning websites by Baldreck Chipangura, Judy van Biljon & Adele Botha. Click here to download
  5. An Analysis of Handover Probability and Data Throughput in Vehicular Networks by Laurence Banda, Mjumo Mzyecey, and Guillaume N´oel. Click here to download
  6. A model for monitoring HIV/AIDS patients on ART in low resource setting: A case of using mobile phones by Serugunda Henry Mukalazi & Rehema Baguma. Click here to download
  7. Design of adaptive MC-CDMA receiver using low power parallel-pipelined FFT architecture by Senthil Sivakumar M, Arockia Jayadhas S, Arputharaj T, and Banupriya M. Click here to download
  8. 4-Bit Manchester Carry Look-Ahead Adder Design Using MT-CMOS Domino Logic by Senthil Sivakumar M, Arockia Jayadhas S, Arputharaj T, & Banupriya M. Click here to download
  9. Contextualised Framework for an Inclusive Learning Management System in an Open and Distance Learning Environment by Mampilo M Phahlane & Ray M Kekwaletswe. Click here to download
  10. Evaluation of Impacts of Water and Sanitation Activities on the Environment in the Upper Mara Basic Using the WEAP Model by Hannah N. Ngugi, P.G. Home & U.N. Mutwiwa. Click here to download
  11. An Evaluation of Online Privacy and Policies of Social Networks by Phillip Nyoni & Mthulisi Velempini. Click here to download
  12. A Review of Energy Modelling Methods and the Application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) by Gideon Gope, Sunday Reju & Toteya Kamanja. Click here to download
  13. Understanding User Adoption of Mobile Health Technology in a Resource Constrained Environment by Maiga Gilbert & Flavia Namagembe. Click here to download
  14. Affordable Broadband Connectivity for Rural Areas A Case Study of NM-AIST neighborhood by Mastidia Byanyuma, Sadath Kalolo, Salehe I. Mrutu, Christina Nyakyi & Anael Sam. Click here to download
  15. Design of Low Noise Active Integrated Antenna by Arputharaj T., Senthil Sivakumar M., Arockia Jayadhas S. & Banupriya M. Click here to download
  16. Speech Controlled Automatic Wheelchair by M.Senthil Sivakumar, Jaykishan Murji, Lightness D. Jacob, Frank Nyange & M.Banupriya. Click here to download
  17. A Mobile Virtual Patient for Medical Learning by John B. Oladosu, Matthew O. Adigun & Justice O. Emuoyibofarhe. Click here to download
  18. Detection of Wireless Rogue Access Point (AP) Attacks by James Yu. Click here to download
  19. ERP Systems Usage: An Extended Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology by Billy Mathias Kalema. Click here to download
  20. An Anti-DoS Attack Architecture for Wireless IT Infrastructure by N. O. K’Ondiwa & E. O. Ochola. Click here to download
  21. Securing VoIP Network: An Overview of Applied Approaches and Analysis by Michael Oche, Mostofa K. Nasir, Abubakar B. Tambawal &
    Rafidah Md Noor. Click here to download
  22. Computation of Magnetic Field and Force between Circular Filaments Arbitrarily Positioned in Space by Anele O. Amos, Hamam Ykandar, Alayli Yasser & Djouani Karim. Click here to download
  23. A Model of Controlling Utilization of Social Grants Using Near Field Communication Technology: A Preliminary Study by Cwayi Q. Samella and Okuthe P. Kogeda. Click here to download
  24. Language Classification Using Prosodic Features: Comparing Intensity and Pitch by Peleira Nicholas Zulu. Click here to download
  25. Comparing Performance of MLP and RBF Neural Networks for TV Idle Channel Prediction in Cognitive Radio by Winston Ojenge, Thomas Afullo & William Okelo Odongo. Click here to download
  26. Towards the Development of Mobile Learning Model for Tanzania Secondary Schools by Fidea F. Chambo, Loserian S. Laizer, Yaw Nkansah-Gyekye & Vitalis Ndume. Click here to download
  27. A Methodology for Data Collection and Integration of e-Health Records by Vitalis Ndume, Yaw Nkansah-Gyekye, Izak Lyatu & Jesuk Ko. Click here to download
  28. Design of Multi-Dimensional Wireless Power Transfer Systems by Nagi F Ali Mohamed & Johnson I Agbinya. Click here to download
  29. Applying RFID Technology to Improve Efficiency In Border-Post Cargo Clearance Process by Ernest Bhero & Alwyn Hoffman. Click here to download
  30. Statistical Analysis of the Discrete Fourier Transform for Localization in an Image by Khalid Aboura. Click here to download
  31. Bayesian Analysis of Stay Times in a System by Khalid Aboura & Johnson I Agbinya. Click here to download
  32. Evaluation of Mobile Network Security: A Case of Mobile Transactions in Zambia by Zilole Simate. Click here to download
  33. A Web Service Approach to Secure Data Access by John Habere & Joshua Mwesigye. Click here to download
  34. Application of Geographic Information System to Solid Waste Management by A. F. Thompson, A. H. Afolayan & E. O. Ibidunmoye. Click here to download
  35. Nose Biometrics Verification Using Linear Object Technique by A. F. Thompson, B. K. Alese & E. O. Ibidunmoye. Click here to download
  36. Fuser Block Technologies Performance Based on Identity Attributes Metrics Models by Jackson Phiri, David M. Zulu, Johnson I. Agbinya & Tiejun Zhao. Click here to download
  37. Assessing Performance of a Liberalized Electricity Sector Based on Regulation: The Zambian Case by Fred Kanjelesa & Suraj Baral. Click here to download
  38. Effects of Misalignment between Filamentary Circular Coils Arbitrarily Positioned in Space by Anele O. Amos, Hamam Ykandar, Alayli Yasser & Djouani Karim. Click here to download
  39. A Practical Approach to Available bandwidth estimation techniques for an efficient telemedicine content transport network by Daniel S. Kayange, Ramadhani S. Sinde & Anael Sam. Click here to download