Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Broadband Communications and Biomedical Applications

The 2012 International Conference on Broadband and Biomedical Communications was hosted by University of Technology Sydney (Australia) in conjunction with La Trobe University (Australia), the Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland), Tshwane University of Technology (South Africa) and Universidad de Malaga (Spain).

Selected papers have also been revised and extended by authors. Some of these include the following;

  1. Achievable Data Rates of Broadband Power Line Communications in an Underground Medium-Voltage Network by Andreas Waadt, Christian Kocks, Guido H. Bruck, Peter Jung and Bernd Sachsenhauser. Click here to download the paper
  2. Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Fuser Block in a Multifactor Authentication System by Jackson Phiri, Tiejun Zhao, Johnson I. Agbinya and David M. Zulu. Click here to download paper

  3. Effects of Second Neighbour Interaction on Frequency Splitting in Near Field Inductive Communication Systems by Hoa Doan Thanh and Johnson I Agbinya. Click here to download paper

  4. Receiving Resonator Design for Efficiency Maximization in Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonance Coupling by Masahiko Tsuboka, Takehiro Imura, Hiroshi Fujimoto, Yoichi Hori. Click here to download
  5. Variability of Tropical Rain Attenuation Prediction due to Rainfall Rate at Various Integration Times by A. F. Ismail , K. Abdullah, W. Hashim and N. E. Abd Rashid. Click here to Download 
  6. An Efficient and Robust Decentralized Control Channel Access Mechanism for Cognitive Radio Networks by Munam Ali Shah, Sijing Zhang and Carsten Maple. Click here to download
  7. A Border Base Directional Routing (BBDR) Protocol for VANETs by Sabih ur Rehman, Tanveer Zia and Lihong Zheng. Click here to download
  8. How to Avoid Network Congestion During a Disaster for an Integrated Emergency Command and Control System by Esam Abbas Bakheet, Ben Soh and Johnson Agbinya. Click here to download
  9. Coupling Coefficients Estimation of Wireless Power Transfer System via Magnetic Resonance Coupling using Information from Either Side of the System by Vissuta Jiwariyavej, Takehiro Imura, and Yoichi Hori. Click here to Download
  10. Integration of Zigbee-IPv6 Networks for Smart Home Sensor Data Transmission to Augment Internet of Things by S.D.T.Kelly, N.K.Suryadevara and S.C.Mukhopadhyay. Click here to download
  11. Position Aware MAC (PA-MAC) Protocol For Wireless Body Area Networks by Saman Shafigh, Tanveer Zia and Nesa Mouzehkesh. Click here to download
  12. Enhancing the Scalability of Agent-based Services in Self Organizing Networks by Nazeeruddin Mohammad. Click here to download
  13. ESMCRN: An Enhanced Security Mechanism for Cognitive Radio Networks by Wajdi Haisoun Alhakami, Ali Mansour and Sijing Zhang. Click here to download
  14. Analysis of Correlation between Sub band for Right and Left Brainwave Via Three Dimension Model using EEG for Brain Balancing Application by N.Fuad M.N.Taib, A.H.Jahidin and W.R.W.Omar. Click here to download
  15.  Effect of adding invasive and non-invasive markers on the strength of association between the eye movement parameters and observer rating of driver drowsiness by Stacey Pritchett, Eugene Zilberg, Zheng Ming Xu, David Burton and Sara Lal. Click here to download
  16. A Study of Designing Education Process for Mobile Phone Literacy by Atsushi Ito, Yuko Hiramatsu, Fumie Shimada and Fumihiro Sato. Click here to download
  17. Comparative Analysis of Anisotropic Diffusion and NLM on Ultrasound Images by Rishu Gupta, I.Elamvazuthi, Ibrahima Faye, P.Vasant and J George. Click here to download
  18. Enhancing Internal Parallelism of Solid State Drives by Mohammed I. Alghamdi. Click here to download
  19. Proportional Fairness-Based Resource Allocation in Two-Way Relay Networks by Muhammad Abrar, Xiang Gui, Amal Punchihewa. Click here to download
  20. Near field magnetic communication under MIMO configuration by Hoang Nguyen, Johnson I Agbinya and John Devlin. Click here to download
  21. Multilingual Rules for Spam Detection by Minh Tuan Vua, Quang Anh Tranb, Frank Jiangc and Van Quan Tran. Click here to download
  22. An Improved Ultralightweight Security Protocol for Low-cost RFID Tags by Wissam Razouk and Abderrahim Sekkaki. Click here to download
  23. Design of Messaging-Oriented Middleware for Mobile OSGi Systems by Christopher Armstrong, Diarmuid Kavanagh, Peter Rossiter, and Sara Lal. Click here to download
  24. Accurate phase calibration for digital beamforming in multi-transceiver HF radar system by H. Q. Nguyen, J. Whittington, J. Devlin, N. V. Vu, E. Custovic and H. L. Vu.Click here to download
  25. Heart rate variability, blood pressure and cognitive function: assessing age effects by Louisa Giblin, Levin De Leon, Lisa Smith, Dr Tamara Sztynda, Associate Professor Sara Lal. Click here to download
  26. Towards achieving greater reliability in V-2-V communication with a focus on Safety Applications by Golnar Khomami, Prakash Veeraraghavan, Jack Singh. Click here to download
  27. Evolutionary Switching for Modality Selection in Water Contamination Monitoring by Anup Kale, Zenon Chaczko, Raniyah Wazirali. Click here to download
  28. A Novel Authentication Mechanism for Secure Communication in Cognitive Radio Mobile Ad-hoc by Networks by Omair Shah, Munam Ali Shah, Sijing Zhang. Click here to download
  29. Image Spam Filtering based on Maximum Entropy Segmentation method by Quang Minh Ha, Van Dong Phung, Frank JiangClick here to download
  30. Sensor-Actor Networks utilising the Spring Tensor Model for Laparoscopic Surgical Training Simulations by Christopher Chiu, Zenon Chaczko, Raniyah Wazirali. Click here to download
  31. Authenticated Key Establishment Schemes in Application layer Security Mechanisms by Iraj Fathirad and John Devlin. Click here to download